Calculate Your Current Bookkeeping Costs

Fill in the boxes below to calculate the total cost of your in-house bookkeeper.


Average costs of staffing a bookkeeper: Average Cost  
Bookkeeper's hourly rate($) $15/hour
Hours per week, on average, that your bookkeeper works 40 hour work week
Health insurance costs for bookkeeper ($) $350/month
Weeks of paid vacation per year 2 weeks/year
Payroll taxes & worker's comp (as a % of salary) 15%
Overhead (as a % of office space, computer, supplies, phone) 20%
Retirement benefits (as a % of salary) 2%
The value of time to manage the bookkeeper Average Value  
Hours per week you spend with the bookkeeper 3 hours
Value of your time (not cost) $100/hour
Hiring and/or ongoing training of bookkeeper 10 hours/year
CPA fees to review and remedy bookkeeping mistakes $200/month
Calculated average cost of in-house/staff bookkeeper:
Monthly Salary ($)
Health Insurance ($)
Retirement/401k benefits ($)
Vacation ($)
Payroll Taxes & Worker's Comp Insurance ($)
Overhead ($)
Total Average Monthly Bookkeper Costs ($)
Your Time to Manage Bookkeeper ($)
Hiring and/or Ongoing Training ($)
CPA fees to review and remedy bookkeeping mistakes ($)
Total Average Monthly Costs of Owner ($)
Your Current Monthly Costs:


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