Read what people are saying about the services provided by the professionals at Abacus Bookkeeping:


“I highly recommend the professional services of Linda O’Brien.  She is an individual of high professional and personal integrity.  Linda is precise, proactive, and equally important, incredibly thoughtful and a pleasure to conduct business with.  Her patience and effortlessly positive attitude translate directly to the high-quality service she provides.  In terms of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra, Linda provides complete bookkeeping oversight to our thriving 501(c)(3) arts organization.  Year-round, we rest assured that our books are in good hands.  Linda is always willing to assist and provides consistent accuracy.  You can expect extremely professional bookkeeping services paired with Linda’s ability to communicate interpersonally in a clear, sincere, and friendly way that always put you, her client, first and foremost.”

Alex Flannery, Business Manager of Marquette Symphony Orchestra


“Linda Obrien has been a fantastic help to me as a new small business owner. I am a nurse with little to no knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting. She helped me learn and understand many QuickBooks reports. She also showed me many new features.  My accountant complimented Linda many times, when I met with her to review my business progress.  Linda has attempted to mirror QuickBooks concepts being followed by my accountant so that there would be consistency for correlation of taxes, etc. Linda’s teaching background is such an asset as she is patient and able to explain tasks in ways that are easy to remember. She listens well and really tries to tailor solutions to your needs. I would recommend Linda for a new business start-up or a well-established business.”
     ~ Maureen Jensen, Jensen Case Management LLC